Moffat’s thinks: 

Dealing with falls together

To destroy alternate realities

Is “Changing the future” = “Marriage”

There is also the element of the choice.
Sherlock has to choose whether to fall with Moriarty or stay with John. He chooses John.
Amy has to chose whether to fall with Rory or stay with the Doctor. She chooses Rory. (Also later, with the angels)

stillgosherlocked: the-7-percent-solution: You guys, I wrote about this right after TAB, but I had like 4 followers then and no one cared, so I’ll post it again in case there’s any doubt. Janine’s last name was changed to Donlevy in TAB in order to pay homage to Patricia Donleavy from Laurie King’s story “The Beekeeper’s… Continue reading

Mycroft – Mary – M

monikakrasnorada: stillgosherlocked: monikakrasnorada: stillgosherlocked: Let’s start with a little trip down memory lane and revisit the end of TBB: It has been usually assumed that Shan is communicating with Moriarty but in M-Theory LSiT pointed out that neither is the wording Moriarty’s style nor does he ever sign anything “M”. What is more, he tells… Continue reading Mycroft – Mary – M

A woman of rare perception

deducingbbcsherlock: There are lots of metas (including my own) about Lady Carmichael and Sir Eustace paralleling Mary and John or Sherlock and John. But I only just noticed another interesting mirror: Lady Carmichael and Irene Adler. Which sets us up for another mirror: Sir Eustace and Sherlock. How does Sherlock first hear about The Woman?… Continue reading A woman of rare perception