Mycroft Foreshadowed?

deducingbbcsherlock: isitandwonder: stillgosherlocked: monikakrasnorada: stillgosherlocked: I was just thinking of the cabbie’s words: “Is it a bluff? Or a double-bluff? Or a triple-bluff?” Imagine we had a character who is introduced like a villain and then revealed not to be a villain and ultimately revealed as yet being a villain. Triple-bluff, anyone? @monikakrasnorada, @ebaeschnbliah, @isitandwonder… Continue reading Mycroft Foreshadowed?

OH … IT  ISN’T  3G … IT IS 3G

waitingforgarridebs: ebaeschnbliah: _______________________________________________________________ SOME  WILD  SETLOCK  AND  JOHNLOCK  SPECULATION  BORN  OUT  OF  THE  FLYING  SPARKS  OF  YESTERDAYS  FIREWORKS  AT  LOWER  MACHEN . Since the very first series of Sherlock BBC many brilliant studies, speculations and theories have been developed concerning the ‘perfect Johnlock’ moment (appart from kiss and wedding, of course 🙂  THE  THREE GARRIDEBS MOMENT ’ ….… Continue reading OH … IT  ISN’T  3G … IT IS 3G







Hold your horses! Isn’t this the same building that became St Aldate’s Boarding School which Max and Claudette Bruhl attended in TRF?. *wiggles eyebrows at @finalproblem*

Good heavens, it is! Have you seen this, @ebaeschnbliah? Back!!

As we have an ambassador’s husband in S4E1 – do we finally see what happened the night Max and Claudette were kidnapped? Will we see Sherlock’s doppelgänger? Was he used in Reichenbach? Will we finally get an explanation? Or do they just reuse the location for a totally different setting?


Irene Adler & Mary Morstan

cheuwing: cheuwing: In my previous meta, I found several common characteristics between Casmir (Irene’s perfume) and the perfumes named in Sherlock’s deduction as he recognizes Claire-de-la-Lune. I find this connection between Irene and Mary quite meaningful. On the surface, these two characters share some characteristics, but they are in fact two formidable opposites. Irene &… Continue reading Irene Adler & Mary Morstan

Thought we all needed a reminder of post series 3 Moffat comment

xistentialangst: welovethebeekeeper: ‘We’ve had certain aspects of what we’re going to do [in the next seasons] mapped out for quite a long while. (The return of Moriarty) is not a last-minute whim. You’d have painted yourself into the most ludicrous corner. No, no, there’s been… it was discussed ages ago. The ‘Moriarty Plan’ is known by… Continue reading Thought we all needed a reminder of post series 3 Moffat comment

Thoughts on setlock week 15

welovethebeekeeper: Week 15 started as Cave Week then turned into Boat Week, as our detective and his doctor emerged from two days underground [ well Swansea studio] into the brilliant afternoon sunlight of Cardiff Barrage. Obviously the cave scene was tied into the exterior filming on St Catherine’s Island Tenby, and we did see the… Continue reading Thoughts on setlock week 15