Sherlock’s Perfume Deduction, Pt 2: A comparison between Irene’s and Mary’s perfume

cheuwing: Here’s a link to the original meta: Sherlock’s Perfume Deduction. According to @sherlockology​​, Irene Adler’s perfume is Casmir from Chopard. It is interesting to note how well Irene’s perfume can be tied to the ones listed in Sherlock’s deduction… it also gives us more clues about the exact perfumes associated with brands and the… Continue reading Sherlock’s Perfume Deduction, Pt 2: A comparison between Irene’s and Mary’s perfume

Mycroft: The Original Moriarty

deducingbbcsherlock: I was talking to @mollydobby about the Dread Pirate Moriarty theory – ie, the idea that “Moriarty” is a name passed on from one criminal to the next in secret in order to build up dread/influence of the name. She mentioned the possibility of Mycroft as the original, and I’ve been thinking about it, and….hmm.… Continue reading Mycroft: The Original Moriarty

Mycroft – Mary – M

monikakrasnorada: stillgosherlocked: monikakrasnorada: stillgosherlocked: Let’s start with a little trip down memory lane and revisit the end of TBB: It has been usually assumed that Shan is communicating with Moriarty but in M-Theory LSiT pointed out that neither is the wording Moriarty’s style nor does he ever sign anything “M”. What is more, he tells… Continue reading Mycroft – Mary – M

deducingbbcsherlock: monikakrasnorada: tjlcisthenewsexy: deducingbbcsherlock: waitingforgarridebs: tjlcisthenewsexy: deducingbbcsherlock: honestly I want an explanation for how Mary got into Cam’s office more than I want an explanation for how Sherlock survived the fall They spent five fucking minutes showing us how impenetrable Cam’s office was and Sherlock had to fake a proposal to get in and then… Continue reading

Irene Adler & Mary Morstan

cheuwing: cheuwing: In my previous meta, I found several common characteristics between Casmir (Irene’s perfume) and the perfumes named in Sherlock’s deduction as he recognizes Claire-de-la-Lune. I find this connection between Irene and Mary quite meaningful. On the surface, these two characters share some characteristics, but they are in fact two formidable opposites. Irene &… Continue reading Irene Adler & Mary Morstan