Last day…

… and the curls are back.

Also…, I wonder, who’s birthday it is today?

… birthday garlands and birthday hats?

… And finally, is there a dress code for Claire Pritchard’s make up design team?

Striped shirts, and long sleeves in July?

Oh, wait, there isn’t!

Although they look as if they tend to dress alike:


That was yesteday night, by the way.

So…, are we possibly fooled again?

Because this picture was taken back in June:


… hmmm…


twocandles: I’ve been wondering about Amanda Abbington’s LACK of Setlock tweets these past few days/weeks?  Like, either she really isn’t in the episode. OR. Maybe Mofftiss told her that they need to keep ~important information for this episode from leaking and don’t want to give anything away and asked her to not tweet about it… Continue reading