Hold your horses! Isn’t this the same building that became St Aldate’s Boarding School which Max and Claudette Bruhl attended in TRF?. *wiggles eyebrows at @finalproblem*

Good heavens, it is! Have you seen this, @ebaeschnbliah? Back!!

As we have an ambassador’s husband in S4E1 – do we finally see what happened the night Max and Claudette were kidnapped? Will we see Sherlock’s doppelgänger? Was he used in Reichenbach? Will we finally get an explanation? Or do they just reuse the location for a totally different setting?



Drawing and photos from today’s #setlock at Lower Machen. Since it’s a private property, there is no public access, meaning I couldn’t see much of what was going on and didn’t spot any of the cast (not surprising, after yesterday’s night shoot), and I didn’t hang around for long.

There were lots of crew there, though, and several lighting vans and other vehicles bringing scaffolding and other equipment, considerably more than at Miskin. They spent all morning and most of the afternoon preparing things, either in the large barn at the front of the property near the gate, or around the mansion that’s further towards the back (the building with the many chimneys). I don’t know if any filming is going on in the latter building, but they had two caravans near it, and at one point a small crane was carted in the direction of the manor (or an elevatable platform, it was too far away to see clearly, perhaps for a camera or to set up lighting equipment).

Also, two black SUVs arrived, either bringing cast/crew or being used as props. In the large barn at the front (the one with the open door), there was hammering and welding in the morning, but it’s difficult to say whether these were activities related to filming or the general renovation of the buildings. I didn‘t stay around long, basically just long enough to finish the drawing at the gate, to then take a long hike through the surrounding countryside, exploring a disused railroad track which gave me distinct “Stand By Me” feels, and the old church at Lower Machen.

On my way back I passed the other side of the house, again at a distance because I stayed on the public footpath and there were hedgerows obscuring the view for the most part. The buildings, however, are impressive, despite its somewhat derelict state. Apart from several outbuildings that look like barns and stables, there is the actual manor house which could easily be made into a haunted house. Together, they make a striking ensemble.

The security guy at the gate (who recognised me from Miskin setlock) said that apparently the owner of the property is trying to restore it, which I hope he will, because it’s such an atmospheric, slightly creepy location with its crumbling walls and roofs and empty windows. I really look forward to seeing how they’re going to utilise the location in the show, particularly at night, and hope they’re not just shooting indoors but making the most of the exterior setting as well (although I wonder what the interior of the manor looks like). We’ll see in a few months, I guess.