Mycroft Foreshadowed?






I was just thinking of the cabbie’s words:

“Is it a bluff? Or a double-bluff? Or a triple-bluff?”

Imagine we had a character who is introduced like a villain and then revealed not to be a villain and ultimately revealed as yet being a villain. Triple-bluff, anyone?

@monikakrasnorada, @ebaeschnbliah, @isitandwonder

Oh, god, yes. But then turn that around and apply it to Mary: introduced as love interest / John’s saving grace, turned cold-blooded assassin, only to turn out to somehow save / protect our heroes in the end. Wouldn’t that be a turn up and a rug pull of epic proportions?? Mary turns out to be on the side of the angels and Mycroft, not so much. 

@monikakrasnorada: Would be a rug pull but she shot the hero. And I think for many it would be a big surprise, too, to have both her and Mycroft working together. Mycroft, the protector, working with the woman who nearly killed his brother. Dear me, Mr Holmes, dear me …

@monikakrasnorada  @stillgosherlocked @ebaeschnbliah Didn’t they do the same in reverse with ‘Moriarty’? Introduce him as harmless gay Jim from IT, then reveal him as the evil mastermind, only to expose him as an actor in the end (i.e. Mycroft’s puppet on a string)?

@waitingforgarridebs  @mollydobby @deducingbbcsherlock

Mycroft is the triple bluff – bad to good to bad. (Yes I have accepted this theory as my lord and savior. This week. Next week I’ll prob be onto something else.) 🙂


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