When men’s toxic behaviour transcends language.

In Spanish it’s machoplantear which is a combination of macho “male” and plantear(se) “to lay out (an idea) / to consider”

We could have had hombrexplicar [hombre “man” + explicar “to explain”] and I’m not sure why we didn’t? Some peopple disagree over which is better.

The noun form is el machoplanteamiento “mansplaining”

My guess is“hombrexplicar” doesn’t capture the critique of “machismo” in quite as pointed a way; that is, “machoplantear” points directly at the problem/the term already generally used to discuss problems of masculinity.

Anyway, I’m delighted by all of this.

You make a very good point

in hebrew it’s הסגברה / hasgvara – basically a mashup of hasbara (explaining, but also carries the implication of ‘propaganda’) and gever = man

this is the best thing I have seen all week 😀

This needs more languages.

I will get back to you with Japanese.

Not sure if there’s a Polish one yet but Objaśniciel or Objaśniacz come to mind…

Männerklärung and männerklären in German is probably the most likely translation. But it’s not a common term, yet.


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