this seemed so natural and correct to me that I had to read it three times before I realized what was wrong with it

Okay I know I just reblogged this, but I’m not done with it.

Has anyone else thought about how much more compelling this simple change would have been thematically? We lose nothing of Clint’s character development, because a sister can be just as important and share the same concerns as a wife. But instead of an awkwardly underdeveloped romantic relationship, suddenly there’s a sibling relationship to parallel the Maximoffs. But Clint has chosen to protect his family and keep them out of it, while Pietro and Wanda have chosen to fight side by side.  Give Clint a conversation with Pietro about family, and protecting their family. Make them disapprove of each other’s methods. Pietro’s sacrifice to save Clint is instantly so much more heartbreaking. Give us Clint fighting to bring Pietro’s body back, because he knows he needs to bring him home to Wanda.

Literally so much improvement with less than five minutes of the actual film changed


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