Mugs for John and Sherlock 🐘❤️

@weeesi said: “OMG”


@jenna221b you’ve provided some inspiration again….

“I’ve got new mugs, John,” Sherlock says as he drops the carrier bags down on the table in the kitchen. “Told you I’d replace those that got a bit.” He rolls his eyes over an exhale. “Shattered.”

“Right…good…” comes John’s absentminded reply. He’s sat near the windows, doggedly two-fingered typing away at his latest blog post. With the complicated case they’ve only just finished, John’s doing his best to capture in prose the look on Sherlock’s face when he’d solved it. How does one say beautiful without saying beautiful, he ponders.

Sherlock unpacks the bags and puts the kettle on, slamming cupboard doors and rummaging through the detritus on the worktop. “Want tea then?”

“Hmm yes. Tea.” John scratches at his eyebrow, and doesn’t look up.

The kettle begins its low rumble to boil and Sherlock disappears into his bedroom. John highlights an entire sentence and deletes it, then types it out again. Deletes it. Beautiful it is, he thinks, sod the world.

The kettle clicks off.

Plap-plap-plap comes Sherlock’s bare feet across the floorboards, steaming mug in hand for John. It’s set delicately next to the open laptop, the design facing away from the screen.

“Your tea, John.”

“Yeah, thanks.” He reaches for a sip.

An elephant with a heart for an ear stares him down.

"Wanna see my trunk?” Sherlock rumbles in a low baritone.

He’s wearing matching pants.


(Also @to-johnlock-hell-in-a-handbasket you’re right it is exceptionally johnlock- I hope the mug creator is a fan 😜💖)

@jenna221b then we make a right pair because you’re just as much of a gem 💕 plus you’re always putting up such inspirational photo prompts 😉🐘


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