Gorgeous pictures of Martin Freeman – Filming Sherlock on April 10th 2013 – Love the lighting going on here – (x)

I live for the last one

Do all baddies just look the same on Sherlock or are they connected in some way?

@isitandwonder @ebaeschnbliah @stillgosherlocked @sherlock-little-weed @mollydobby

ETA: If we believe that Mary was somehow involved in having John place in the bonfire, then what does that say about these men???

OMG @monikakrasnorada! It s seriously seems like the official goon outfit of BBC!Sherlock…

pic from @inevitably-johnlocked

They all wear caps, even if criminals “never wear special outfits”… also, it pretty much hides the back of their heads, just saying. LOL

Btw, remember this?

Yeah, me too.

Why am I thinking of dwarves now??? Help.


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