The skull and the light have switched sides….is this a mirror reflection? (This has GOT to be some mind palace shit happening here, right??!)

I might be wrong, but I want to add some background information about large format printing.

It’s not mirrored first of all, because they are filming on the other side, not the one that we see 🙂 the thing about printing on this kind of material is, it’s most likely a bit transparent (as is almost every kind of substrate), so in order to make the colours more nice and saturated, you print the mirrored picture on the backside as well. 

This could also be why the skull looks so weird on the backside of the print. There is a thing called blueback paper (x) that works with a similar concept. 

Actually there are two reasons that I can see for this. 

  1. They wanted to make the white “more white”, which means they have to add blue. (Bluish white, in comparison, is always seen as “whiter”, see for example fluorescent lamps versus normal incandescent lamps. Also, the fact that daylight still is coming through from behind, brightens up the print anyway, so the picture might as well be a bit darker and saturated to begin with.)
  2. As for the blueback paper, it reduces how much you can see through a print, for example, when on billboards a new ad is glued on top of another. That’s mostly blueback paper, because if the backside was white, you would be able to see the old ad underneath. Of course, the print has to compensate for this, colour-wise (meaning, you cannot print on it the same way as you would on a paper with a white back, because the colours wouldn’t look like you’d expect them to), but yeah, tl;dr XD Colour science is my passion.

very interesting info! thanks for adding!

@may-shepard @monikakrasnorada

Amazing addition to this post! Thanks as always @waitingforgarridebs 


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